If the playoffs started today

So I ripped this directly from nhl.com, but here is what the Eastern Conference would look like IF the playoffs started today:

1  vs. 8   Canadiens  @   Bruins
 2 vs. 7  Rangers  @   Devils  
 3 vs. 6  Penguins  @   Capitals
4 vs. 5  Hurricanes  @   Flyers
When I came across these seedings I was stoked. I typically get up for the playoffs regardless of what the matchups are, but these would be ideal.
1 v 8 We have a heated, and recently renewed, Original 6 rivalry with the Habitants and Bruins. This time their roles reversed, the Bruins being the first seed while the Canadiens are the eigth. If it’s B’s/Habs in the first round, the Garden is going to go b-a-n-a-n-a-s for this series. I want to note that game 6 of the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs, between these two teams, was probably the best game I have ever been apart of. Commissionerdangle was doing backflips in the balcony with his B’s jersey over his head when Sturm put away the game winning goal. Coach was waving his rally rag around like a madman and I was trying to finish my $8 Bud Light/not lose it on the Habs fans in front of us.

2 v 7 Then we have two Atlantic Division foes that hate each other just as much. Not to mention a re-match from last season (the Rangers taking the first round series 4-1) along with Avery meeting up with Brodeur again! The Rangers have been in strugglsville this season trying to get a playoff spot. They seemed to have turned things around after hiring Torterella as head coach and siging key players such as Antropov at the trade deadline.

3 v 6 The Pens/Caps matchup would be legendary, and potentially one of the more entertaining series’ to watch considering the new rivalry between Crosby/Malking and Ovechkin. It’s almost as if the NHL had set it up this way. To the avid hockey fan, it would be fun to watch, but to a casual viewer, this will be a series that can attract a lot of attention. Not to mention a lot of young talent on both teams that could spark a 7 game series considering the Penguins are trying to  make it back to the Cup finals.

4 v 5 For the last pairing we’ll have the Canes/Flyers do battle for the middle of the bracket. While the Canes have not been all that exciting this year, dull considering the Glen Wesley retirment ceremony, but the Flyers bring a lot to the table. With players like Mike Richards and Scott Hartnell, you can count on some great scoring and gritty play, much like the Flyers of old.  


For the Western Conference we have some good matchups but nothing to get overly excited about, yet. Here is what it looks like west of steel country:

 1  vs. 8  Ducks     @    Red Wings

2 vs. 7   Oilers    @    Sharks

4 vs. 5   Canucks    @    Blackhawks

3 vs. 6   Blue Jackets    @    Flames


Of course, from my perspective, it’s good to see the Blackhawks with home ice and back in the playoffs for the first time since 2002 where they took a first round exit. Any Detroit series will be fun to watch with players like Zetterburg and Datsyuk running around the ice. The Calgary/Columbus series could be the most boring of the entire playoffs, then again it’s all relative. That brings us to the Sharks/Oilers series, which will be interesting to watch. In my opinion you could see the Western Conference finals come down to the Wings/Sharks. Although you rarely see a 1 v 2 matchup because the playoffs are a new season, I don’t see many teams slowing down Detroit or San Jose this post-season. 




1 Response to “If the playoffs started today”

  1. 1 Coach
    March 25, 2009 at 11:15 AM

    As a hockey fan, you have to love those potential playoff matchups. I see the Habs having a tough time getting anywhere in the playoffs with the play of Carey Price this year. The Flyers have been playing solid hockey down the stretch, and Biron has stepped his game up heading into the playoffs (although I still think Philly goaltending is garbage and will prohibit them from winning a cup). The Pens/Caps series you might as well flip a coin, and I think the same could be said for the Rangers/Devs series. I went to those games last year, and the Prudential Center has turned into the Rangers’ home away from home. Obviously these are not the matchups, but I love the talk of playoffs in the air.

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