Ontario Coyotes Insider Information


So thekiiid is back from Arizona and I wanted to get a few things out there before my work week officially starts. Lets begin with the fact that the B’s have clinched the Northeast Division, but that’s old news by now. While in Arizona I had a chance to check out the Coyotes play Nashville and San Jose, polar opposites of how hockey should be played.

After the San Jose game I had the chance to sit down with an anonymous but credible source that gave me some insight regarding the state of the Coyotes. According to this source, after this NHL season ends, a group of Canadian investors will buy the Coyotes organization, which is in serious financial trouble now. The significance of this is two-fold. First, Wayne Gretzky can make a permanent t-time as he will be out of a job, and second the Coyotes could potentially be moved to Ontario. Although it is likely that the Coyotes will stay in Glendale, I was told that Toronto could potentially add a second team. In my opinion Toronto needs to worry about the Leafs before adding another team. The best bet would be to move the team back to Winnipeg or get a team back in Hartford. There were a few more interesting chunks of information that I do not want to disclose, but there will probably be quite a few changes this off-season.

On an unrelated note, the main reason to head to AZ beyond checking out some Western Conference hockey is to watch the Chicago Cubs gear up for their championship season. The best part about the Arizona trip, besides golf, is being able to check out other teams around the MLB that I would never otherwise see. Also, it gets me in the mood for another Cubs season, unless you have been living under a rock you’ll know that the Cubs have been on a tad of a cold spell. Regardless, if you’re a baseball fan in general you need to check out spring training. Whether in America’s trailer park, Florida, or the home of America’s cheapest labor pool, Arizona, there is a lot going on. Let me give you a few words of wisdom prior to going.

1. If you’re looking for chicks stay away from the Milwaukee and Cleveland games, although the Brewers probably have the nicest park in the Cactus League. You can’t miss with the Dodger and Padre games. Even though an unbiased opinion will tell you the Cubs had the best female “talent” .

2. This may only pertain to the Cactus League, but don’t spend money on getting a “seat” (anywhere from $26 to $100). Instead, buy tickets for the grass, they are cheaper (from $6 to $10) and that’s where the real fans hang out and party. Why pay the money when after the 3rd you’re either blacked out or there are a bunch of AAA players showcasing themselves.

3. When in Rome is the saying, right? If you’re like me coming from the eastern time zone, consider staying on eastern time unless you go out. It’s actually not to bad, you get up at 6 and you can get out and do stuff before it gets to hot. Plus, you get to live the life of a retired person for awhile, much like I did. You can bitch about anything, drive however you want, eat breakfast at 6, lunch at 10, and dinner at 5.

4 Responses to “Ontario Coyotes Insider Information”

  1. 1 moremoreskidmore
    March 24, 2009 at 9:40 PM

    I have heard rumblings that Sin City is one of the next cities under consideration for a franchise. Remember, the NHL has to approve the new location, and there are obvious concerns about moving back to Winnepeg, or Hartford (mainly financial). I know that is why they are having the 2009 NHL Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas…they want to get a feel for peoples’ reactions. I have a guess what the response will be, buuuut, there are obvious concerns with having a franchise in Sin City (and they are not financial).

    BTW, we all know the red birds will be taking home the central division. 2009 All-Star game anyone?

  2. 2 commissionerdangle
    March 24, 2009 at 10:07 PM

    Las Vegas is in a serious depression so I cant imagine them getting a team any time soon.

    Hartford would be great but there is not really a venue/market. Civic center is no place for an NHL team any more. Hartford isn’t the biggest city around and most Whalers fans became ‘Huge’ fans AFTER the team left town (not going to name any names on that one)

    Winnepeg seems alright.

    Hamilton seems to be discussed the most these days. The hockey market in the greater Toronto area is huge and there is alot of evidence that the area can support two teams.

  3. 3 thekiiid
    March 25, 2009 at 11:02 AM

    Nothing sporting-wise belongs in Las Vegas. It’s a reciipe for disaster. Keep the Coyotes in Glendale and move the Panthers out of Miami. I’d like to see Quebec get a team back. The NHL needs to contract and strengthen its talent pool. No more sunshine belt teams where the fans don’t care.

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