NHL Round Up


With some light content lately, (that has been painfully pointed out by some) here is a round up of NHL happenings:

  • With the re-acquisition of Sean Avery the NY Rangers are arguably my 2nd favorite team in the NHL right now (Behind the 1st place Bruins). Since Avery’s return the rangers are 5-2. Avery has 4 goals and 1 assist over that stretch. He now has more goals than he had through 23 games with the Stars earlier this year. Also, since firing Tom Renny and hiring John Tortorella the rangers are 6-3-1.
  • Looking forward to the March 30th game between the Rangers and Devils.  What will be watched for more Avery in front of the net on the power play or handshakes after the game?
  • Here is an interesting story about Crosby. Did Crosby show up Savard by removing his shield in the middle of a game? If so, this is the kind of thing Crosby needs to do more often. He is getting a rep around the league of being a ‘wimp’ (to put it lightly). Finally something good to put on his resume. Although Savard just may have not wanted to take a punch in the junk.
  • Finally, I know I am leaving a lot of stuff out (nothing from the west coast teams), but here is Randy Moller explaining where he got the idea for his hilarious goal calls:
  • NCAA hockey D1 & 3 playoff updates coming by tomorrow!

UPDATE: I love Panthers broadcasters AND fans!


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