Bruins do their best impression of the Dow Jones


B’s earned their way to 2-points tonight against the Senators. Much like the Dow Jones, the B’s seemed to be showing signs of life after 2 straight losses and and going 2-4-0 so far in March. However, much like their last home win, the Bruins gave up a commanding lead to make it interesting in the third. It was great to see the Bruins get it going early, and show November like spunk, but that all washed away as the Senators overcame a 3 goal deficit.

To be honest, I spent most of the game BSing with golfernick working on my swing for this week’s golfing extravaganza in Arizona and did not pay attention until Edwards was able to talk over our conversation. With that said, this could be one of the lamest recaps of the year. Feel free to watch the Lucic fight and move on to hubhockey.com for full coverage, the also have a B’s Ice Girl bracket going on.

Anyway the Bruins started the scoring after Aaron Ward found himself in no man’s land, creeping in the neutral zone, and caught a feed from Patty Cakes Bergeron. Ward, unfamiliar with the breakaway he was given, unloaded a bombski from the hash marks to beat ex-Bruin Alex Auld and put the Bru-Crew up by 1. 3 1/2 minutes later PJ upped his scoring (50% of his goals are still empty netters) by creating a nice give and go from David Krejci. Nice to see Krejci getting some points after a huge slump. Four seconds later Lucic and and Chris Neil decided to chuck some knuckles, with the hopes Neil could spark Ottawa’s bench. Going back to the 4 part series on fighting, these are the types of fights the NHL is trying to ban, ridiculous. Regardless, it was a great scrap and the crowd seemed into it. As Mike Milbury has said, if you don’t like the fighting, change the channel; no doubt about that, hockey has never had so much coverage until this debates has come up.

Kobasew rounded out the Bruin’s scoring in the third after a nice pass from Ryder, although Ottawa neutralized that goal with a ticky-tack goal by Spezza. The second period was probably as boring as it comes with no scoring and a Bruins PP they could not convert on (going 1-3 on the night, not bad). Between periods Lucic stated that the most important part of the third was to come out and score within the first 5 minutes. Kessel made sure of that scoring on a 6 on 5 goal after the refs missed a to many men penalty. Kessel’s goal was an absolute sting that beat Auld glove side for his 28th jingle of the season. At 4-1 it seemed as though the game was all but over, however Ottawa showed quite a bit of resolve and came back to make the score an interesting 4-3. This is about the time I started watching, as Ottawa was on the doorstep of scoring. With under a minute to go the Bruins were able to clear the zone, and out of no where Kessel blew by the Sen’s defensman to dump in his 29th of the season, 1 goal away from LPsnipa owing commissionerdangle a steak dinner. I was watching intently to see if Carrie Underwood or Hillary Duff were potentially in Boston for the evening. But, if they were I’m sure I would have gotten a call from either of them.

Alright, that’s it from thekiiid and tonight’s game. It’s tough to get excited based up on the B’s record this March . According to the pattern, the Bruins should drop the next two games and win the third. Last I checked the Devils were smokeshowing the Coyotes tonight, and therefore keeping pace with Boston for the lead in the East. Lets hope the Bruins can hang on and get back into a groove prior to the playoffs start, at least get into a winning rhythm.

thekiiiiiiiiiiid’s 3-stars

*** Jason Spezza-2 goals

**Aaron Ward-Short-handed goal/bomb-cakes on the break away

* Phil Kessel- Off an injury and putting away 2 this game, one being the game-winner

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