BJ’s everywhere, B’s cant score


Bruins drop an entertaining back-and-forth game to the Columbus Blue Jackets 2-0. Here is a recap and collection of thoughts from the game tonight:

  • Great back and forth game
  • Felt kind of like a playoff game. Lots of hitting and and scrums.
  • Columbus is much better than I have heard/read about. I was really impressed with how physical they were. I can see them getting in the playoffs and possibly winning a first round series. A good goalie will take you very far in the playoffs.
  • Mason = Nasty. Mason manages to quell every bruins opportunity
  • Solid work from Stuart fighting Jared Boll. Boll leads the league with 20 21 major penalties for fighting on the year. Stuart more than held his own.
  • Can’t believe Thomas got beat on that shot by Torres. He was on his game until that shot. Cant get mad at him though. He gave the B’s a chance to win.
  • Impressive home crowd for the Blue Jackets (especially the blonde sitting right behind Claude Julien – She was voted NESN fan # 2 if any one was watching the post game)
  • Speaking of the post game, the first thing out of Milbury’s mouth was to call the Blue Jackets coach, Ken Hitchcock, fat (which is true) and that he “looks like he should be walking out of a Burger King and not standing behind an NHL bench” – hahaha. Mike Milbury has no internal monologue
  • A lot of non calls out there. I cant believe there was not an interference call when Kessel got man-handled on the corner and hurt his shoulder.
  • Jack Edwards picked up a new word, he is calling the goalie’s blocker a waffle – nice one, Jack. I have a new one for you: cheese grater. See, I can do it too.
  • First thoughts that went through my head when some of the Bruins were injured in the game:
  1. Ward gets hit by shot in the leg and goes down: ‘…Good thing we got Montador…”
  2. Kessel gets buried and hurts his shoulder: “…That trade for Tkchuck looks a lot better right now…”
  3. Thomas breaks his helmet and has to use Fernandez’s helmet: “…This is really all Fernandez is good for these days…”
  • Bruin’s power play bloooows. 2nd unit was much better than the 1st. They are trying to force it out there
  • (I spent the entire third period thinking of that headline)


1 Response to “BJ’s everywhere, B’s cant score”

  1. 1 jimcraig
    March 11, 2009 at 1:23 PM

    What a cute bear!

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