Recchi-ng crew officially arrives in boston

The Bruins pulled out a much needed victory this afternoon at the Garden, in one of the best Original 6 matchups of the year. I’ve been looking forward to this game for a few reasons:

1. An Original 6 team that has a lot of history with Boston. Most people don’t believe in the rivalry anymore, but I think the Original 6 is something the NHL really needs to play up.

2. Seeing some more of the young talent in the league. Kane, Toews, Versteeg, Keith, Huet, and Burish are all tremendous players and a lot of fun to watch.

3. The Kiiiiiiiiiiiiid was born and raised in Chi-town and grew up watching the Blackhawks. I still consider myself a huge fan and I follow them regularly. This game was much anticipated because this is the first time I was able to see these guys play since the Winter Classic. Plus, a Saturday afternoon game with my two favorite teams, it does not get much better.

4. The Bruins need to get back on their winning ways, a great way to turn around a slump is to knock off a good team.

Prior to today, the B’s were 4-5-3 in their last 12 games, not a record that a true playoff contendor should be proud of. With the Blackhawks in town, the Bruins had a tough challenge to face up to. The Hawks, currently sitting comfortably in fourth in the Western Conference, are no slouch. Although the Hawks probably will not move up in the standings, overtaking Detroit with 94 points compared to Chicago’s 81, they are a solid contendor this year for the Cup. With that said, it was important for the Bruins to re-establish their dominance in the league.

For the first time in awhile the Garden crowd really seemed into the game before the drop of the puck. I have not heard the place this loud during the anthem in a long while. Much of that may be contributed to the Blackhawk fans in the building, the anthem at the United Center is tradition, but either way it set the tone early. After the Hawks took it to the B’s for the first few shifts of the game, Boston turned it around and Mark Recchi beat Huet for his first goal wearing the black and gold. The Bruins doubled up the Hawks on shots and put a lot of pressure on after Recchi’s goal. Nothing outstanding, but a lot of puck movement and smart decisions were made. Kessel has started to regain some confidence and proved that with his incredible hands. Kobasew followed Kessel’s lead and seemed to come down with a serious case of dangleitis. Savard, and his perfectly combed faux-hawk, has worked well with Kessel this year, and these two on the ice are dangerous.

The Hawks tied the game up a quarter of the way through the second on a goal from Jonathan Toews, one that Thomas should have had. 30 seconds later the Bruins regained the lead with a nice goal from David Krejci. Crystobal Huet, arguably, should have had Krejci’s sudo wrap around attempt, but was not set and Krejci snuck one between the post and Huet’s skate. Not a goal you want to give up in such a tough battle. However, I’ll consider it a make-up for the goal Thomas let in. 35 seconds later the Bruins pumped another one home on Recchi’s second of the game, and second in his Bruin’s career. Recchi tipped a Wideman shot from the point, fed by Patty Cakes Bergeron. Wideman decided to not shoot for the Coke Zero signs in the corner and instead place pucks closer to the pipes, although a few times he had the team’s dentist thinking he was going to retire early considering the amount of work he was about to inherit.

The third period started off great for the Bruins after Kessel slipped one home for his 27th jingle of the season, and just about solidifying commissionerdangle’s free dinner from LPsnipa. After a Blackhawk turnover at the blue line, Lucic capitalized on the opportunity with a pass to Savard, who quickly moved the puck over to Kessel. A goal that showed that showed a lot of the skill from these players, however look for the replay on youtube. Sportscenter will give their top 10 plays to 4 dunks, 3 lay-ups, a free throw shot, a blocked layup attempt, and Lebron James throwing chalk up in the air (seriously). Right around the halfway mark of the third the Bruins took a little time to admire the 4-1 score and reflect on some of their nice tallies. The Blackhawks jumped all over this with a goal by Kyle Versteeg and a PP goal from Patick Kane. Kane’s goal, certainly the best of the night, was a sting from the top of the circles that beat Thomas worse than Chris Brown. Kane, in typical hockey fashion, raised his stick in the air and skated off, knowing that the Blackhawks had now cut the lead to one. This is when the Garden really got behind the Bruins as Chicago was really putting on the pressure. Tank Thomas stood tall, as he did all game, and was cleary a factor in the Bruins win. Although Thomas made some spectacular saves, he shut down the Chicago offense with some good positioning  and cutting down the angles. The Bruins eventually sealed the game with an empty net goal by PJ, a goal that accounts for 60% of his scoring this year, (seriously, again).

Some observations from the game, in general. To all visiting team fans heading to the Garden this year, take notes from the Blackhawk fans. I know I am biased, but there was an abundance of Hawks fans there today, and they did exactly what you’re suppose to do as a visitor. Come to the venue, cheer for your team and shut your mouth. For awhile the Blackhawks were down, but their fans continued to cheer for their team, not mouth off. When it got close in the end, they didn’t get cocky, they watched intently. After the game? They left with their pride intact and showed class with not legitamizing their team’s loss. The fans that really need to take notice… Ranger fans, you’re the mouthiest in the league, mostly due to your inferiortiy complex. Flyer fans… we know, you have the worst city in the nation. Canadien fans… your French attitude is terrible and you smell of something awful. Oh yea, and the Habs are a joke this year. A note to Bruin’s fans… who for the most part respect visiting fans unless they are provoked. There is no need to instigate something with unwarranted comments. Call me soft, but it’s not good sportsmanship, and that type of stuff happens at NFL, NBA, and MLB games. I saw Kessel sign 30+ autographs after the game, Moss would have had another felony in the same amount of time, class it up B’s fans. Furthermore, the Bruins have not won the Cup in over 30 years, don’t get arrogant because we’re on top of the league, we could easily slip to third in the Eastern Conference before the regular season is over.

The Bruins travel to New York tomorrow for another test against a stacked Ranger team.


Thekiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid’s 3-stars

*** Patrick Kane-A bombski from the circles that went unnoticed, and probably under appreciated.

** Tank Thomas-His play kept the B’s in the game, and fundamentals made tough shots look routine.

* Mark Recchi-His second game in a Bruins uniform and he puts up two goals. Getting traded is tough, especially at 41, but Recchi composed himself as a professional and did his job. The Bruins brought him here to lead and win a Cup, lets see that happen, Mark.

Honorable Mention: Patty Cakes-A few assists this afternoon along with getting back to his oldself. This is not the NBA, when you’re hurt, there is something seriously wrong, and Bergeron has come back from 2 concussions with a lot of contribution.


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