Really? Bruins Scoring On Spring Break, Defense follows



 Tonight was the night the teams around the NHL showcased their recently aquired assets. Well, atleast the Winnipeg Jets were able to show off their new talent, proudly. I’m pretty sure the Bruin’s Ice Girls made some last minute deals as well. The talent looked a lot better tonight than other nights, I’ll confirm that on Saturday. Otherwise, don’t get me wrong, Recchi had some bright spots, and I think Montador is a solid defensman, but what is going on? As our faithful readers know, I’ve been pushing for the Bruins to pick up a true goal scorer like Nik Antropov. However, he went to the Rangers for a box of cloth tape and an airline voucher for Southwest Airlines. I think all the Bruin’s faithful were shaking their heads tonight in a loss to the 14th place Coyotes.

The first period was probably one of the most boring periods seen in the Garden this year. The Bruins have been playing uninspired for the past 8 weeks, and tonight was no different. Right away Recchi had his chance to make his mark in Boston, but decided to play a few seconds of men’s leauge and pass the puck around during a 2 on 1 with Kessel. When you have a chance to shoot, you need to let it rip. Especially when you’re matched up against Ilja  Bryzgolov, who is in my opinion the next best goalie in the league. I’ve watching this kid for a few years now and he is pretty legit, however he does not have much of a team in front of him. I’ll get another chance to see him and the rest of the Coyotes next week in Phoenix.

Regardless, when facing a team like Phoenix, you need to bury then when you have the chance. A few minutes later, after Recchi blew his chance, Kobasew opens the scoring with a shot from left faceoff circle. This would prove to be the lone goal for the Bruins tonight. When Wideman is shooting for the Coke Zero sign in the corner, it’s tough to generate scoring chances. Midway through the first, Chara ran over the newly aquired Prucha and is called for interference. Probably the worst call of the evening, Prucha decided not to play the puck, because he heard footsteps, and Chara was simply finishing his check. Regardless, with less than 2 seconds left in the Chara penalty, Scottie Upshall scores his second goal, with a great assist from Dennis Wideman, at the Garden with two teams in a week. (Recently aquired from the Flyers, and jingled the B’s up on Tuesday)

The second period had just about as much action as the first, however Phoenix’s aquisition paid more immediate dividends with Reinprecht scoring off a nice feed from former New York Ranger Nigel Dawes. After a few more PP chances for Boston, they were unable to convert. Weird. At this point I was hoping to see someone on the B’s bench spark the team with a scrap. I give credit to Chara and Thornton for trying to stir the pot in an otherwise mundane game, but the B’s played right into the “Great Ones” game plan. With the Bruins playing unphysical and taking shots from well off the angle, it was tough to get anything going. For about a 3-minute span in the third the Bruins were getting it together, but could not convert. This was truly a run-of-the-mill game with no stand-out players, at all. With 90 seconds left in the third, Phoenix’s Tikhonov was sent off for elbowing, giving the B’s a 6 on 4 advantage after Thomas went to the bench. A few shots later, time had expired and the B’s had dropped yet another game, letting New Jersey get within 6 points of the Eastern Conference lead.

I’m sure I’m missing a lot of detail in the game, but if you were not there, you didn’t miss anything. If you were there, you probably were not paying attention, although the guy who painted himself in yellow and black camo was certainly the “Fan of the Game”. You would see more desire to play puck in this weekend’s D-III conference finals, and I am not kidding. As for Recchi, I’ll give him a few games to get acclomated, he was thrown into a few different lines tonight. Montador played very well, in my opinion. He’s a player who does not need recognition, instead he does his job, much like Ference. I was not to high on the aquisitions the B’s made on Wednesday, but Montador could work out, he was Anaheim’s leader in +/-. As for Thomas, he could have played better, just like Fernandez on Tuesday. However, to the goalie’s credit, it’s tough to win games when you’re only scoring 1 goal. Fernandez played fundamentally well last game, as did Thomas tonight. Bryzgalov played well above his peers throughout the night. I’m sure Jack Edwards nor Andy Brickley made comment, but the Phoenix netminder was able to shut the Bruins down all night. His saves were not spectacular, but they did not need to be, he was constantly in position. The only shot that really beat him was Recchi’s tip that rang the dinner bell and almost put the home crowd back into it.

The Bruins will face a very tough Chicago team on Saturday, at home, and a well-stacked Rangers team on Sunday, in New York. For the Rangers, it’s a must win situation, and Chicago will be looking for revenge from their loss to Boston in November. The Boston/Chicago matchup is one I have been waiting for all year. Toews, Kane, and Versteeg are legitimate NHL players, and considering the way the Bruins have been playing, may make some highlite reel plays on a spring afternoon. After a physical battle back in Chicago, look for the Blackhawks to come out the same way. I doubt you will see Lucic fight due to his bruised melon and probably broken hand, be sure that Thorton and Stuart will be ready to go. I’m sure Adam Burish is coming to Boston with the intention to drop the buckets and serve some lunch. More coverage on both of this weekend’s game to come. This post certainly lacked a lot of the satire you may expect to see, but after the Bruin’s performance tonight, there is little to joke about. At this rate the Bruins will be taking a early first round exit from the playoffs, and leave the Boston fans asking, “what happened?” This is a great test of heart for the Bruins this weekend with two probable contendors.

Thekiiiiiiids 3 stars:

*** PHX: Reinprecht

** PHX: Bryzgolov

* PHX: Upshall

2 Responses to “Really? Bruins Scoring On Spring Break, Defense follows”

  1. 1 bdrews14
    March 6, 2009 at 1:36 PM

    TheKiiiid! There was more talent in the players’ wive’s box than on the ice last night!

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