Philly v.s. B’s Game Reaction


  • Had the score right, just not the team…
  • Gagne looked real good out there. 2 goals and set up a bunch of nice plays.
  • Bruins looked good in the 1st period but struggled like Mike Milbury at the mic in the 2nd in 3rd.
  • Speaking of Milbury, how brutal was he when he didn’t have a script in front of him and had to cover for Edwards and Brickley when their mics went down? Someone in the crowd should have turned around and beat him with his shoe and put him out of his misery.
  • It was pretty funny watching the NESN audio completely failed in the middle of the game. I wish I was standing around the Garden watching Brickley and Edwards running up and down from the press box to the 5th floor trying to call a the game. I’ll give Edwards credit for his improv though.
  • Too bad Brickley didn’t drop any F-bombs this time
  • Carter is scary on the penalty kill. Flyers have 16 short handed goals, 6 more than the Devils, Islanders, Sharks and Canadians who each have 10.
  • Really thought there was going to be a fight after Chara’s penalty. Bruins probably could have used it in the 2nd or 3rd. Not sure why Thornton or Bitz did not decide to indulge in any extracurricular activities.
  • This was a good playoff preview/test for the Bruins; low shots, lots of hitting and high intensity. I give them a C+ on the test.


  • “We’re not showing a lot of chemistry and emotion right now. We’ve got to pick up the consistency,” forward Michael Ryder said. “We know we have a good team and we know we can win. If management thinks they can do something that can help us, that’s good.”
  • Is that a cry for help from Ryder? from what I have read the past few weeks/months, the entire team has praying that management not make any trades. Have they finally realized that something is missing? or that one or two injuries can really throw a team off?
  • Was that Bergeron’s last goal as a Bruin? I keep seeing his name come up a good amount more than any other Bruin’s roster player in trade talks
  • Cant wait to see what the trade deadline brings for the B’s and the NHL overall


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