Ovechkin Caught Checking Out The Talent In Montreal

I know we’ve had a lot of Ovechkin coverage here in the Loge, but I thought this video was pretty awesome. Although these girls certainly should not represent the level of talent Montreal offers, I feel the same way walking down St. Catherine St. And good for Ovechkin to admit to digging the ladies. The best part may be Lecalvier in the background with the smirk on his face knowing these chicks wouldn’t even make his JV team.


2 Responses to “Ovechkin Caught Checking Out The Talent In Montreal”

  1. 1 freshness19
    March 3, 2009 at 8:50 PM

    Ovechkin is clearly a young kid in the NHL just living the dream and living it to the fullest. This video right here shows how cool and humble the kid really is. And you’re right the kiiiiiid when you say those girls wouldn’t even make the JV team of Lecalvier, they probably wouldn’t even make the men’s league team….Harry’s Steakhouse!!

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